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Everybody knows you can't make a quality product at a cheap price!
We’ve never been interested in making cheap fuels. There are plenty of others competing in that category. Instead, we’re only interested in manufacturing the best fuels.
By using the best ingredients and state of the art manufacturing methods we make fuels that is in a class by itself.
Our way of making fuel is admittedly more expensive and complex, but it’s the only way to make "top-quality" model engine fuel.
Formulating a Competitive Advantage
Cool Power® model fuels are designed to meet the extreme demands of modern model engines and provide exceptional protection and performance. Groundbreaking achievements have enabled Cool Power® to win rave reviews both in competition and at the local flying field. Our Formulas are optimized for model engines to insure:
Morgan Fuel understands the specific needs of your engine and meets those needs with high-performance lubrication, a scientifically designed additive package, the purest nitro and methanol. Our championship winning test pilots and our nearly 30 years of world-class fuel blending experience mean you get the best fuel for whatever your flying.
Morgan Fuel "The Model Fuel Authority"


0% FAI - 17% High Viscosity Lube
5% - 17% High Viscosity Lube
10% - 17% High Viscosity Lube
10%-MV- 18% Multi Viscosity
20% PRO-PATTERN - 20% High Viscosity Lube (4-takt)


12.5% HELICOPTER - 17% High Viscosity Lube
15% HELICOPTER - 17% High Viscosity Lube
15% HELICOPTER-MV - 18% Multi Viscosity
30% HELICOPTER - 22% Lower viscosity Lube
30% HELICOPTER -LS- 20% Ultra-High viscosity Lube


16 % RACE BLEND (12% Lubricant)
25 % RACE BLEND (12% Lubricant)