Ingredients CP

Purest Methanol

Our Methanol has a purity which exceeds the industry standard of 99.97%. Because of that exceptional purity, your engines run cooler, and produce more power.
Our high purity methanol makes your engines run cooler with more power, without the risk of corrosion. We use dedicated tank trucks that carry only methanol to avoid the possibility of contamination. Our double filtered storage tanks provide added protection against any moisture.

Top-Quality Nitromethane

It doesn't take an engineer to conclude that the ingredients influence the performance characteristics of a fuel.
We use only Nitrofuel from Dow Chemicals. NitroFuel has the highest purity and consistency of any Nitro that we've tried in our nearly 30 years of making fuel. That is why we opt for NitroFuel over the uncertain quality of the Chinese made nitro.

Synthetic Superiority

Engineered specifically for model engines, our unique combination of 100% synthetic base stock fluids provide the basis of our superior protection.
Since model engines generate more horsepower per cc than motorcycles and are more prone to oil related breakdown, the lubricant has to be much more durable than motorcycle lube.
Because we blend our own lubricants we are able to create a more operational base stock for the specific temperature ranges of model engines. Our proven development in synthetic formulation is what gives Cool Power its performance advantage. When compared to other lubricants, only our oils combine the stability, high-temperature performance and lubricity with exceptional lubrication under the specific conditions of a model engine.

State-of-the-Art Additive Technology

Cool Power's existing additive package is the state-of-the-art in additive technology and is the result of years of practical experience.

Our additive package consist of:


CP-07 friction modifier attaches itself to the metal surfaces and creates a cushion that allows the metal surfaces to move past each other more easily.

CP-O7 is our friction modifier that dramatically reduces the coefficient of friction, reducing wear while allowing your engine to obtain its maximum horsepower. When tested using a four-ball apparatus it reduced the coefficient of friction by 85%. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that less friction equals more power and less wear!


Although MTEC was first used in Sidewinder Fuel, Pro-Pattern and 30% Heli, it is finding its way into several of our new fuels such as Cool Power MV.

MTEC increases RPM, without the risk of overheating or pre-ignition. The addition of MTEC into the combustion chamber slows the flame front and produces a more complete combustion of high nitro fuels. Which means it will squeeze the maximum muscle from your stock or modified engines.

Quality Control

It takes more than technical leadership to provide a superior fuel. Not only must quality be designed into the fuel, the formula has got to be right.

Part of that process consist of:

Historical Connection

Our start in model aviation began back in the 40's with our founder Jim Morgan and continues today with the highest tech fuels on the market.
We continue working on new technology to bring our customers advantages in the future. Here are some of our technological breakthroughs.